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Site Overview

Career Exploration

Take a Career Interest Inventory. Learn about all the different jobs in the health care field. Watch a variety of health care videos of health care workers in their jobs. Learn about the health care system in Alaska and find out about the future of health care jobs in Alaska.

Health Careers

Over 50 health-related careers available to students in Alaska are highlighted in this section. Each career contains an overview of professional activities, educational requirements, academic programs, and state and national organization contact information. Careers are organized by the number of years of education required to obtain the degree or certification necessary to practice in that particular field.

Career Profiles

Meet some Alaskans who are working in health care fields. Read their responses to the following questions: How did you choose your profession? Describe the types of activities you are involved in during a typical day on the job. What are the rewards and challenges? What personal advice can you give to others interested in pursuing this profession?

Academic Health Programs

This section contains a table with web site links to all the academic health programs in Alaska. In addition, this section includes contact information for schools in Alaska that offer health-related degrees, as well as a list of resources for schools and programs outside of Alaska.

Financial Aid

The financial aid section includes an introductory description of types of financial aid, contacts for resources within Alaska and a special section on funding available to Alaska Native students. A listing of specialized scholarships for students interested in health care careers is also included.

High School Students

This section includes a detailed timeline of steps and activities high school students should be pursuing in order to enter college. The information is tailored to students from rural Alaska. In addition, there are links to other great career exploration and college planning websites.


This section includes links to available health/science curricula, kits, interactive websites for kids, and other resources for use by educators.

Camps and Internships

In this section you will find a list of camps and internships that have a health or science related theme for K-12, pre-college, college, and other Alaskans that are occurring around our state. 

Health Related Jobs

Are you interested in working in Alaska in the health care field? Check out these web sites for information on healthcare jobs across the state.


This section includes a list of other websites that may be of interest to Alaskans pursuing the health professions field.

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